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      Chef Joe will appear on the hit show, "My Family Recipe Rocks", with Joey Fatone Sept. 7th!  ...
  • From Scratch The Show Trailer

    For more information on From Scratch please contact: Chef Joe Gatto Creator & Host joe@fromscratchtheshow.com...
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"Chef Gatto's new show is equal parts Alton Brown and MacGyver with a splash of Epic Meal Time thrown in. He takes some of the most iconic dishes in the American repertoire and shows us how to not only make them 100% from scratch, but does so in a way that's informative, exciting, and occasionally outright hilarious. You'll probably never make your own bacon, but after watching Chef Gatto in action, you'll feel like you have." J. Kenji Lopez-Alt | Chief Creative Officer, Serious Eats | Twitter: TheFoodLab

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Why another cooking show?

Yes, I know…there are hundreds of cooking shows already out there. Do we really need another? Yes! Why? The vast majority of today’s shows focus on how to make quick and easy meals. While these are useful, I know there are others like me who have a fever for the flavor and an itchin’ to get in the kitchen. Well, let me help you scratch that itch!

On my show, I do everything completely from scratch – no shortcuts. You will learn to make mouthwatering cuisine from pasta to pastrami, bacon to gelato, all on your own. Will it take longer? YES. Will it be hard work? YES. But will it be worth it? Oh, YES!!!

Not only will your food reach a whole new level of awesome-ness, but you will also develop a whole new understanding of cooking and become an expert! You will know what you’re eating and where it comes from. But, most importantly, you will have a blast!

So, make some time, and let’s make a delicious meal from scratch!

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